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Hope & Healing

Out of the mud and in full bloom. Our lotus flowers have graciously shared their experiences with ONDAMED and our practice.


Thank you, everyone!


When my yellow naped amazon parrot  developed a very big non-specific tumor on her tummy, l was told by two different vets that she couldn't have surgery because they discovered that she also had a diseased liver and surviving surgery was extremely unlikely. They both refused to operate. I decided to search for an Ondamed practitioner. Miraculously I was led right to Donna. 

Donna is lovely, both inside and out, She is so warm, kind, and generous with her time and skills. She was willing to see us right away and although the drive is a 6 hour round-trip for me, we were motivated! She has treated Maca as well as myself for my  osteoporosis and lyme disease symptoms. several times. 


Then, I was able to find a surgeon that would operate although he was very insistent that she was not likely to survive. Well, she not only survived the surgery but she is doing great -- the doctor actually described the speed and extent of her recovery as literally "phenomenal"! 


We will keep seeing Donna, to make sure that Maca's health (and mine) continue to be  optimally supported and improved by Ondamed. Donna always says that she is there to facilitate what the machine itself is designed to deliver; but l know that the combination of Donna and Ondamed is what's working to bring us to a whole new level of results. l'm so very grateful that my little green girl and l are back to enjoying our life together, and that l found Donna!

Maca's Story

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