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My vision, through the use of Ondamed’s healing waves, will open up a pathway to unlimited physical and emotional health, for all those who dare to hope. 

Donna Kraus


Co-founder and breast cancer survivor, Donna Kraus, understands first hand the importance of physical and emotional health. Having personally experienced the journey from hopelessness to jubilation, she has vowed to do God's work and help others in their time of need.

The Waves of Hope of Dutchess County, Inc. began much like the lotus flower begins its life, in the mud. In 1999 co-founder Donna Kraus was diagnosed with breast cancer. She suffered from paralyzing anxiety and ultimately found herself drowning in hopelessness. In 2005 co-founder Linda Provenza Eack was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  She suffered from debilitating neurological and physical symptoms, she was left bedridden and hopeless.  

Donna shared the role God played in her recovery with Linda, and their faith solidified the bond between them. In 2011 a series of events led them separately to Ondamed. They were stunned and amazed by the positive results they each experienced. Donna and Linda finished their search and The Waves of Hope was born. Just like the beautiful lotus flower.

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